"You did good! Your music was wonderful. Your stage presence was great. Your worship was honoring to the Lord. I was honored to be with you."

- Phil Waldrep
Phil Waldrep Ministries

"In my travels across the US over the last 7 years as a youth communicator, I have had the opportunity to minister with a great many worship leaders.  Among them all, I have found the greatest connection and joy in serving with David Freeman, Chris Olson, and DFree Worship.  I love these guys and trust them completely.  From their heart on the platform to how they engage students during free time, these guys are legit!"

- John R. Evans
Gospel Communicator
3degrees Ministries

"David Freeman understands worship. When he leads, people experience God in a powerful way. David is a gifted musician, vocalist, and speaker, but above all, he has a heart for God. His love for the Lord is evident when he’s on stage.
Everyone in our church (children and adults) love David. The hand of God is on this man in a unique way. He has the ability to lead the people of God to the throne of God."
- Dr. Mark D. McClelland
Senior Pastor
Willowbrook Baptist Church
Huntsville, Alabama

"I've always said that there are singers/performers and then there are real communicators - David Freeman communicates...with great talent, a servant's heart, and a passion for God." 

- Joe Estes 
Minister of Music and Worship
FBC Trussville

"David Freeman is the “REAL DEAL!” David is the leader which every ministry needs. His love for the church is only surpassed by his love for the Lord. 

Musically, David plays, sings, and leads, with a passion like that of the Psalmist, King David. An exceptional guitarist, vocalist, and writer, David Freeman uses every resource God has given him to bring worshippers into the very presence of the Father."

- Dr. Jerry Watts
Senior Pastor
Hueytown Baptist Church